Emergency Services

In addition to helping detect, treat and prevent eye diseases, our optometrist can provide urgent / emergency care for eye health issues like infections (ie. Pink eye), inflammation (ie. Uveitis), allergies and eye injuries (ie. Corneal abrasion), including removing foreign bodies from the eye. As trained eye doctors, we can assess unusual or sudden vision changes and various conditions causing eye pain – and, when necessary, provide referrals to other specialists.

If you experience a sudden change in your vision or develop new symptoms, please don’t hesitate to contact our office right away. In case our office is closed, we recommend visiting the nearest hospital for immediate assistance.

Did you know that since 2011, optometrist in Ontario have been able to prescribe medications to treat the following conditions?

Highly Qualified Optometrist

If you can not wait for your regular eye exam, contact us immediately.

You do not need a referral. Our team is trained to triage emergencies and with 4 optometrists on staff we promise to do our best to see our urgent / emergency care patients as quickly as possible. If emergency symptoms occur while our offices are closed, please go to your nearest emergency room or walk-in clinic.

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